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2018 Tax Refund? No Regrets Spending Ideas…

The IRS reported an average tax refund of $2,600 for 2017 taxes.1 Tax refunds  can leave a family with a big question mark on how to best spend the funds. It’s your money and decision but our goal is to set the course for you and your family to have a more stable...

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Cash Out 401k After Leaving Employer?

Not everything in life is planned or predictable. Sometimes leaving an employer you’ve been with for 5+ years happens abruptly, and you are faced with many decisions, including how to handle your 401k or similar employer facilitated retirement account. In haste and...

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My ROTH and I

The ROTH IRA is arguably one of the most tax beneficial instruments to individuals for retirement planning. The ROTH IRA, originally called the IRA Plus, was proposed by Senators Bob Packwood and Senator William Roth back in 1997.  It was created to do the opposite of...

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Frequently Ask Questions…

Grimes Financial Services was started by President and Financial Advisor Brad Grimes in 1997. Brad and his staff remain committed to serving clients as an independent financial advisement firm, which leads us to tackle a few frequently ask questions.  What it is an...

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